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A Python package for visualizing the output from the Enlil solar wind code.


Read in Enlil data files into an xarray dataset for analysis:

import enlilviz as ev

run = ev.read_enlil2d('wsa_enlil.latest.suball.nc')

evo = ev.read_evo('evo.earth.nc')

Plot time series and slices with the data:

import enlilviz.plotting as evplot

evplot.TimeSeries(run, 'Earth', 'den')

evplot.LongitudeSlice(run, 'den')

evplot.LatitudeSlice(run, 'vel')

You can also generate common figures that are pre-arranged:

forecaster = evplot.ForecasterPlot(run)

Or iterate through the entire time series to make a movie:

for plot in iter(forecaster):